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Former Articles
Here you will find articles that have previously been featured in these pages

PowerPoint Presentations
Here you will find a collection of PowerPoint Presentations. You are free to use them or modify them. I would appreciate an acknowledgement of myself as their source, but it is not required. My hope is that God will be honoured and the people of God benefitted by the wider dissemination of these sermon outlines.

Books that will open to you marvellous treasures from scripture.

Web sites to go to when you need to find, to know, to laugh, to pray, to preach.

Ken's resumé - a brief description of his world-wide ministry of preaching, teaching, and writing.

Alison tells the exciting story of their 52 years of life and ministry together.

A history of Vision Christian College, and links to the College sites.

Contact either Ken or Alison by e-mail, with your testimony, question, prayer need, request for counselling, or whatever you would like to say or ask!


Ken & Alison


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Simple and free Berean Bible study software Simple and free Bible software. Includes the NASB, NKJV, ESV, KJV, and other Bibles at no cost. Very quick to learn and use.

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