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Code: AP = Apologetics; CH = The Church  CL=Christian Life   F=Faith   Pr=Prayer TH=Theology

As time permits, I will be adding more categories and many more presentations.

Any of the presentations that end in .pptx will require Powerpoint 2007 to read.


Some of the presentations contain references to events and/or persons that are not told in detail. In most cases you can find the full story on the internet.

If you have any questions about any of the presentations, or comments to make, contact me at kdchant@vision.edu .

CL  Made in the Image of GodPPT
F  Fierce DesiresPPT
CL  Go for GoldPPT
CL  Standing and StatePPT
F  What Shall I DoPPT
CL  100 Years From NowPPT
Pr  Boldly at the ThronePPT
CH   A Pentecostal ChurchPPT
CL  Cords of OrionPPT
CL  An Unconquerable ArmyPPT
CL  Royal PriesthoodPPT
F  Sacrifice of PraisePPT
CL  Rember ThisPPT
CL  Freedom through ForgivingPPT
CL  Sparkling Red WinePPT
CL  In the Holy of HoliesPPT
F  The Wonderful Name of JesusPPT
AP  There Probably is No GodPPTX
CL  Strong in ChristPPT
F  Reigning in LifePPT
F  Call God FatherPPT
Pr  The Man Who Got What He Asked ForPPT
CL  More Alive in ChristPPT
F  Make Your Own MiraclePPT
CH   An Invincible ChurchPPT
CL  Unscorched in the FurnacePPT
TH  Whom should we blamePPT
CL  Discovering Who You ArePPT
CL  He ain’t heavy, he’s my BrotherPPT
CL  Greatest Thing in WorldPPT
CL  Beyond MeasurePPT
F  A Very Great FaithPPT
CL  The Sons of the GiantPPT
CL  Patience is a VirtuePPT
CL  Startled by GodPPT
CL  Living VictoriouslyPPT
CL  The Golden RulePPT
CL  Life in ChristPPT